Photobucket Monster Playground (YSK on NTS with special guest S.Maharba)

YSK on NTS with special guest S.Maharba


Download: YSK on NTS with special guest S.Maharba

Following last years amazing live set + interview with S.Maharba, we thought it was about time for him to return to NTS to hear some fresh sounds and catch up with whats been happening.

S took us on an incredible 41 minute long musical journey with sounds only he is capable of crafting. We also got through a few questions about upcoming releases and what he has been up to over the last year, a nice follow on to last years interview we would like to think.

Big thanks once again to Ross for making his way down to London, don’t forget you can grab his latest release on BTS here (if you are lucky and there are any left!). We are back in two weeks time with special guest all the way from NYC - Kuhn.

(Soundcloud link)

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